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That Yoga Glow – Yoga Practice for Pregnant Moms
As the former editor-in-chief of Yoga International magazine and past managing editor of Yoga Journal, Linda brings the authentic voice of yoga to the world. Her trainings help yoga teachers find ways to help women facing challenges from body issues to anxiety or depression.
Women Empowerment: Tapping Into Your Inner Goddess
Tymi Howard started as a reluctant student of yoga by literally dancing her way into a lifelong passion with yoga. A pioneer of the Vinyasa Yoga movement in Central Florida, her mission today is helping women tap into their own connection to universal power.
Discover Your Natural Healing Powers With Forrest Yoga
Kate Mulheron’s journey with yoga and spiritual awakening came after repeat visits with deep personal tragedy. Her students learn how to light their own path through connections with nature and Forrest yoga.
Yoga Headstart – Making Yoga A Daily Habit
New Year resolutions, health scares and fad diets. It’s easy to make new health promises, but tough to make it a lifetime habit. Tera Bucasas is passionate about making yoga accessible to all, as well as to make yoga an enriching and fulfilling habit.
Get Back In the Groove With Flexibility for Life
Wayne Campbell’s career as an athlete and dancer ended with a miss-timed backflip. After suffering through years of pain and ineffective treatments, he developed a revolutionary method combining yoga stretch-flex with massage for a pain-free life.
Change Your Life For Good: The Transformative Power of Yoga
Amy Patee is a yoga and authentic-living expert who inspires countless individuals to remember the truth of who they really are and to live and express as that in the world. She credits yoga for her transformation out of the depths of depression and anorexia.
Mindful Breathing – Pranayama To Awaken Your Potential
Pam Johnson is one of a few certified E-RYT-500 Senior teachers of the classical form of Vinyasa Krama yoga which is a system based on pranic energy harnessed by the Ujjayi breath. These teachings include the detailed use and healing properties of the breath (Pranayama), asana sequencing, chanting, and meditation.
Get Out Of Pain And Back To Living
Nicole Ablack-Ramkay specializes in getting her clients out of pain so that they can get back to living their lives and doing the things they love to do. Her Yoga/Pilates Rehab is recommended for those suffering from arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, neck/shoulder/hips/knee issues, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and back pain
Yoga Myths & Misconceptions Keeping You Out of Class
Timothy Burgin is a Kripalu & Pranakriya trained yoga instructor living and teaching in Asheville, NC. Balancing his life passions for photography, studio arts, and computer programming with yoga, Timothy’s blog is a trusted resource for yoga students across the world.
The Yoga Man – Get Ripped On The Mat!
Dean Pohlman founded Man Flow Yoga to make yoga more accessible to men. Dean is strong believer in the power of yoga in promoting longevity and physical health, while limiting physical injuries from exercise or overtraining.
Managing Arthritis With Yoga
Ellen Saltonstall’s approach to bodywork and yoga has always been a combination of scientific study and artistic expression. Learn how yoga anatomy, massage and therapeutics help arthritis sufferers.
What’s My Dosha? – The Key To A Lighter Body, Mind, & Spirit
World-renowned expert on Ayurveda and relationships, Lissa Coffey, is a featured guest on several national television shows including The Today Show and Good Morning America. Curious about your own Dosha? Find out today.
Yoga for The High Performance Athlete – Fast Recovery Formula
Stephanie Ring is part of an elite group of people with advanced training in both yoga and functional fitness. She is renowned as a yoga recovery coach for the best fitness brands in the industry, including Breaking Muscle, and Box magazine.
Yoga & Body Foundations: Movement Strategies for Living
What if the way you move causes your pain? Dr. Mike Lane shares how his patients and students learn a safe and effective exercise program designed to help change the movement patterns that might be hurting you.
Meditation for Busy People
Nicole Nardone was born into a family that valued connection to Spirit learning yoga, meditation and energy healing from the beginning. During her teenage years she lost this connection. Nicole shares how meditation helped forge a path to healing.
Got Back Pain? – Yoga Can Make A Difference
Adri Kyser is an International Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Wellness Coach and Pilates teacher. Adri shares key insights on how to use yoga to find freedom from pain, lead a healthy lifestyle and feel amazing in your own skin.
Relationship Revelations – The Four Pillars of Fulfilling Life Relationships
In the normally quiet world of yoga, Eric Paskel is known for his rock ’n roll personality. He is a marriage and relationship counselor, as well as yogi. In this session you’ll learn 4 keys to turning around your rocky relationships.
Heal Emotional Trauma With Yoga
Brian Campbell is known as the “Yoga Teacher with Healing Hands.” His passion is to teach people how to use Bodywork and Forrest Yoga to relieve pain. He is a “Guardian Teacher”, the highest level of distinction in the Forrest Yoga System.
Power of Inversion – Discover The Benefits of Time Spent Upside Down
Carmen Curts, an accomplished yogi, Cirque performer, choreographer, entrepreneur, wife and mom knows how to unwind from physically demanding performances and her over-the-top lifestyle. Learn how inversion may be just what you need to heal and decompress from stress and pain.
Find Your Light With Forrest Yoga
First a student, an apprentice, then lead training assistant to Ana Forrest, Catherine Allen is now a Forrest Yoga Guardian. Her highly-popular weekly classes catapulted her onto the national yoga stage to lead and reprise yoga workshops and yoga teacher trainings around the country.
The Simple 5 Point Personal Home Yoga Practice
Brook Cheatham shares her simple 5-point system for an at home yoga practice you can “turn on” today. This is an ideal solution for getting started at home or for when life get’s in the way and you can’t get to the yoga studio.
Raja Yoga – Lazy Yoga That Will Change Your Life
Christine Lewis’ background is concentrated in Geology, but she is a student of the Universe with Raja Yoga firmly in the center. The premise of Raja yoga is that our mind creates our world. Find out why pro golfers, NFL players, MMA athletes, and coaches benefit from this lazy yoga.
Kundalini Dance – Unleash Your Inner Vedic Goddess
Hemalayaa Behl empowers thousands of people with her unique blend of traditional and modern lifestyle programs, TV show “BollyBlast, and workshops. Find out how to connect with your Inner Vedic Goddess.
Breaking The Monkey Mind Myth
Tune-in for our meditation session! Amanda Freed is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a lover of brain science. Her students include olympic athletes, corporate clients and traumatic brain Injury survivors – and you!
Forrest Yoga for Injury Therapy
From weight loss to recovering from injuries, Heba Saab has benefited from Forrest yoga. Listen in and learn why Forrest yoga helps you make your own breakthrough. You’ll be surprised.
Healing from the Inside Out – The Power of Your Story
Sapha Arias helps students heal soul, mind and body by changing their story. Your story isn’t chiseled in stone. Discover how to change it for the better.
Release Emotional Blocks to Self-Revelation With Yoga
Coral Brown, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor practicing holistic counseling. Her integrative yet lighthearted approach invites students to unite mind, body, and spirit to transcend physical asana and create space for conscious evolution and self-revelation.
Yoga for Depression & Anxiety: The Prescription for Peace Amid Chaos
Marla has created the first yoga therapy content to be incorporated into the curriculum of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Yoga Journal highlighted Marla as one of twenty-one young yoga teachers helping to “shape the future of yoga.”
Using Yoga to Retrain Your Relationship With Food
Gillian Hood is an intuitive eating coach who guides women to achieve freedom from disordered eating, body hatred, and a life that revolves around food. Learn how yoga clears a path to peace between your mind, body and food.
Yoga for Caregivers of Disabled, Alzheimer, and Cancer Patients
Melissa embodies all things yoga and holds true to her personal belief in moksha (freedom). Melissa’s talk is for those who are too often overlooked and underappreciated – caregivers.
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Meet Your Summit Host - Kate Rieger
Kate is a health and fitness geek passionate about helping people find ways to discover and unleash the beauty and power within their own temple. A believer that the Internet is the universal platform for virtual sharing, she created the Yoga Summit to connect people in search of…well, themselves, with guides who are ready to shine light as they travel the yoga path.

 The Yoga Summit brings together a sweet balance of yogis, teachers, authors, physicians, musicians, dancers and healers who share the art and science of yoga with their local and online communities. Every day they watch their students stretch their limbs, minds and spirits to discover the legend within. Start your journey with Kate and this magnificent community. 
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