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Liz Walker
A Sustainable Community Suitable For Your Family
Liz is a resident of Ecovillage Ithaca in New York and has valuable insights into living a satisfying and less expensive life in an ecovillage. She has treasured recommendations concerning sustainable communities.
Rae Machado
Sustainable Community Living A-Z …Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage
Changing your hustling life style can be very satisfying and less expensive. Rae lives in an ecovillage and shares experiences valuable for anyone considering a sustainable community.
Dr. David Fisher
It's Not That Hard, Sustainable Living Center
Dr. Fisher is the founder of the Sustainable Living Program at Maharishi University. See what sustainable living is all about and learn about Maharishi University.
Peter Moore
Sustainable Solution, Meet Breitenbush Hot Springs
What would living in a sustainable community be like? Learn from a gentleman who has decades of experience in a sustainable community.
Tom DeWeese
Agenda 21...You Must Know Now
What is our government up to? You need to hear this because it affects everyone.
Stefon Gleason
Gold And Silver Buying Made Easy
Do you think your finances are diversified and safe. This is all about precious metals.
Cheryl Mera
How to Barter Your Way to a Better Life
Bartering creates less expensive living in a sustainable community or anywhere. Learn all about bartering.
Glenn Meder
Crisis Solved: How to Maintain a Clean Water Supply
You can’t live without water. Glenn is an expert in purifying and storing water.
Mayor Ed Malloy
How To Put Together A Community Government
Mayor of Fairfield, Iowa, population 9900 has gone a long way toward sustainability. Insights from a man who led the sustainability effort.
Amy and Dr. Joe Alton
Health In A Sustainable Community!
Dr. Joe Alton and nurse Amy share absolutely essential information about health and supplies needed in an emergency. This is a “don’t leave home without it” type of interview.
Dr. Andrea Stancin
Off Grid On Another Planet......Sooner Than Later
The Mars-one project is planning a sustainable community on Mars as early as 2020. Dr. Stancin is a finalist for the one-way trip.
Sheriff Richard Mack
How To Protect Yourself And Your Community From An Intrusive and Malicious Government
You should what the U.S. government did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. Our government can be intrusive and malicious.
Josh Rodriguez
A Financial Reset Is Coming! Get Prepared and Organized
Joshua Rodriguez, a well-established online journalist and lead precious metals market analyst at Gold Eagle News discusses a coming global financial reset. Learn what this means for your family and how you can prepare!
Sheriff Richard Mack
What You Must Know About Martial Law Now
Martial Law is misunderstood by most everyone. Listen to a Sheriff who knows the truth and can help you prepare to weather the storm if and when Martial Law happens in your region.
Dr. Thimmaiah (Dr. Tim)
How To Establish A Sustainable Community Food Supply
Details and crop ideas for your food supply from a man with experience all over the world. Dr. Thimmaiah advised the first completely sustainable country.
Tawnya Sawyer
Fresh, Organic Food All Year With Aquaponics and Hydroponics
Co-owner of an aquaponics company experiencing dramatic growth. If you like organic fruit and veggies, just listen.
Chuck Provini
Spotlight On Secure Electricity
Truly world changing technology is only months away from being commercialized. See what is happening to solar efficiency.
Amy Maryon
What You Need To Know From The Amish
In America, the Amish come the closest to very large scale sustainable communities. Learn all about the Amish.
John Ikerd
You Should Know Sustainable Community Agriculture
Author of 7 books on sustainable community agriculture, John Ikerd offers details concerning sustainable agriculture as well as precise suggestions on how to make sustainable communities function properly and successfully.
John Phillips
Sustainable! The Australian Way
This interview comes from the driest place on earth, South Australia, and with over 50 years’ experience in sustainability, John shares insights into how sustainability is done. His comments are backed by tried and true successes.
Willem Middelkoop
World Financial Picture Enhances Sustainable Communities
The author of “The Big Reset”, Willem Middelkoop from Amsterdam, Netherlands talks about world finance and what to expect. His comments about gold and silver are important!
Diana Leafe Christian
Find Your Fit----Many Types of Sustainable Communities
If you’re thinking about a sustainable community then you must get tips from the expert! Diana can say, “Been there, done that” and she has written two extensive books about it.
Joe Quirk
Discover How The Move to Seasteading Solves Multiple Hardships
The world is now turning its eyes toward the water as a solution to many of the problems that mankind is facing.  People are now realizing that building homesteads on the seas may be the answer.
Jonathan Budd
Disrupt and Decentralize Dirty Energy With Clean Affordable Solar
Shifts in the availability of solar technology are "disrupting" the world's largest multi-trillion dollar power industry.  Learn how to be a part of the movement.
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Alan or "AJ" James is a veteran radio-TV writer, producer and announcer from Tulsa Oklahoma.  His fascination with the state of the world and its financial markets has driven Alan to become a student of Self-Reliant living.  As an avid and logical "prepper", he has sought out and interviewed some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of preparedness and sustainability in an effort to bring education and balance to our "unsustainable" way of life.

Alan hopes that this amazing “Sustainable Communities” event which includes interviews with prolific experts, will inspire you to take action in your own life and pass what you learn on to others. The main purpose of these interviews is to allow others to learn and then have the ability to lead by example!
So, why use this format, an online summit event?  There’s no travel, hotel or meal cost.  You can attend from the comfort of your own home or work and get UNLIMITED access to listen and re-listen(VIP) to all the sessions.  A far greater value than a live, in-person event!  Our goal is to reach as many conscious and realistic people as possible through our free online Sustainable Community Summit!
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