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FREE To All Registered Attendees March 14th - 17th, 2024
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Never miss another important, educational event from 360 Summits
FREE To All Registered Attendees March 14th - 17th, 2024
By submitting this form, I consent to receive offers and related promotional content and communications from the Indie Film Summit & 360 Summits. I can withdraw my consent at any time. Privacy Rights.
Here's What You'll Learn
...From Our World-Class Experts In Their Sessions!

How to Raise Enough Money to Fund Your Dream Film

Discover the power-packed strategies and inspiring success stories behind financing your dream film in this exclusive virtual event. From crowdfunding and attracting investors to navigating film grants and subsidies, we'll unlock the secrets that will turn your passion project into cinematic reality. 

Hacks to Stretch The Money You Have Without Getting Ripped Off

Join us here as we will unveil insider tips and creative strategies to stretch your film budget without compromising quality. From finding an affordable and effective crew to post-production management, this event will empower you to make the most of your resources and keep those rip-offs at bay!

Hiring, Firing and Properly Vetting Your Team

Time to build your long lasting dream team in the film industry! Learn effective hiring techniques, spot red flags, handle conflicts, and create a positive work environment to elevate your film projects to new heights.

Guerrilla Film Making Strategies - The Good, Bad and the Criminal

With this eye-opening discussion we will explore the art of guerrilla filmmaking. Learn how to achieve high production value on a shoestring budget, navigate legal challenges, and strike the right balance between creativity and responsibility.

When You Should Consider Going Union

Unravel the complexities of going union with expert insights! Discover the critical factors, budget considerations, and alternative options to make informed decisions that align with your project's goals and resources.

Where to Begin When You Have a Script and Nothing More! Who do you hire first?

Unlock the secrets to starting your film from scratch! Learn the crucial hiring sequence, from the core creative team to key production roles, ensuring a solid foundation for bringing your script to life. Gain insights on assembling a cohesive and talented crew, even in low-budget scenarios, to kickstart your dream project!

Conquering Script Delusion: Knowing When You're Ready to Shoot

Learn to navigate common pitfalls, embrace objective evaluation, and strike the balance between passion and critical assessment. Uncover the signs that indicate your script is truly ready for production, and delve into the inevitability of rewrites to elevate your film to new heights.

The Hard Truth About What You CAN'T Fix In Post

Here we will delve into common misconceptions, the art of capturing high-quality footage, and understanding the limitations of post-production magic. Discover how to strike the right balance between production excellence and leveraging post-production tools effectively to elevate your film to the next level.

Getting Your Movie Distributed and Profitable Without Recognizable Stars

Tune in for some hidden gems of film distribution and profitability without the need for big stars! From social media mastery to grassroots efforts, learn how to overcome common challenges and pitfalls for a profitable and impactful film distribution journey.

Marketing Your Film to Millions on Social Media

This enlightening discussion will focus on alternative marketing strategies, harnessing the power of social media, and learning how to attract distributors and sales agents for independent success. Get ready to conquer the world of distribution and profitability with your passion and ingenuity!

Choosing a "Legit" Distributor That Won't Rip You Off!

Come get expert advise on the hidden truth behind 'legit' distributors and master the art of securing your film's success! Learn how to spot warning signs, ask the right questions, and gain valuable insights on acquiring fair distribution deals and protecting your rights in the industry!

IP For Film Makers: Protecting Your Ideas, Property and Assets

Discover how to safeguard your film's creative brilliance with IP protection! Learn essential steps, explore various forms of intellectual property, and gain insights from real-life cautionary tales to defend your ideas, scripts, and assets with confidence.

How to Make Your Film Stand Out Even in a Crowded Market

Elevate your film above the competition in a crowded market with game-changing strategies, compelling storytelling, and revolutionary distribution methods. Unravel the secrets of algorithms to master their impact and dominate the industry with your standout masterpiece!

Film Scoring: The Art of Elevating Your Audience's Emotional Experience

Immerse your audience in a symphony of emotions as we delve into the art of film scoring. Uncover the secrets of collaboration, budgeting, and licensing to create an unforgettable cinematic experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

Preparing Your Film For Distribution, What You Need to Know

Prepare your film for distribution success with expert insights on deliverables, rights clearances, marketing strategies, and navigating industry standards for maximum appeal and global reach. Master the art of creating tailored plans and meeting technical specifications to captivate audiences and captivate the market.

Picking a Genre and Audience for Your Film That Won't Leave You Broke and Homeless.

Unleash the power of genre selection and audience targeting to create a financially successful and emotionally resonant film. Learn from an industry expert as they reveal proven strategies and captivating success stories, empowering you to craft films that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Locations, Permits and Permissions: Everything You Need to Know

Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of film locations, permits, and permissions. Discover how to secure stunning visuals, overcome challenges, and build lasting relationships with local communities. 

Creative Compromise: Work Within the Constraints of a Limited Budget

In this session we'll explore the art of creative compromise as we reveal how to achieve professional-quality results within the constraints of a limited budget. From innovative funding sources to maximizing available technology, discover the strategies that will transform your film's vision into a reality without breaking the bank.

Getting The Meeting Without Punching (or Sleeping With) The Gatekeeper

Our expert will share effective strategies for getting your foot in the door without resorting to unethical tactics. From crafting compelling query letters to leveraging trusted referrals, learn how to grab the attention of gatekeepers and build meaningful industry relationships that lead to valuable meetings.

The Hidden Costs of Post Production (The Truth Will Shock You)

Unmask the hidden costs lurking in post-production and gain invaluable insights on realistic budgeting, smart planning, and cost-saving measures. Learn how to navigate contracts, manage delays, and negotiate fair rates with post-production professionals to achieve a high-quality result without breaking the bank.

Ego is The Obstacle: Getting Your Editor to Share Your Vision

Unlock the power of collaboration with your editor by discovering effective strategies for finding the right match, fostering clear communication, and resolving potential conflicts. Learn how to share your vision without ego, ensuring a harmonious and productive partnership throughout the editing process. Plus, gain insights into the pros and cons of multiple editors and their impact on the final result.

Color grading Your Way to Cinematic Credibility

Delve into the world of color correction and color grading, understanding their roles and differences. Explore the significance of color grading in creating the cinematic look and feel of a film, its importance across genres, collaboration with colorists, and techniques to achieve desired results within different budgets.

SFX vs CGI: The Pros and Cons of Practical

Explore the captivating world of visual effects as we delve into the creative choices between practical effects and CGI, uncovering their unique impacts on a film's aesthetics, budget, and storytelling. Learn how to seamlessly blend these techniques to elevate your film's visuals while making informed decisions that align with your creative vision and available resources.

Don't Skimp on Sound! Tips, Trick and Hacks to Avoid ADR Hell

In this important discussion we will uncover the secrets to achieving top-notch production sound as we explore essential tips and tricks for capturing pristine audio on set, without falling into ADR hell. From cost-effective hacks to communication with sound departments, this guide will empower you to prioritize sound quality and select the right professionals and equipment for your projects.

The Film Festivals That Will Get You Wrecked

Enter the world of film festivals - from the allure of renowned events to the hidden gems of smaller gatherings. Learn how to maximize your film's visibility, secure distribution opportunities, and make informed decisions to make the most of your festival journey.

How to Leverage ChatGPT and Have it Not Take Over

Unleash the potential of ChatGPT in film creation without overshadowing human creativity. Explore its impact on scriptwriting, Hollywood, independent films, and its versatile applications in marketing and business plans.

The Bones or Breaking Down Your Script

Delve into the significance of breaking down a script and creating a comprehensive script breakdown sheet. Explore the benefits of script breakdown in terms of budgeting, scheduling, collaboration between departments, identifying production challenges, and its impact on shooting efficiency.

The Art (and Technical Side) of Story Telling

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of storytelling, where art and technology harmonize to evoke powerful emotions and deliver unforgettable narratives. Explore visual techniques, unconventional structures, and pre-production essentials that transform scripts into visually immersive masterpieces.

Don't Ask Your Wife: Gear You Should Own and Gear You Can Rent

Empower your filmmaking journey by understanding the strategic balance between owning essential gear and cost-effective rentals. Maximize production value, embrace budget-friendly alternatives, and stay updated with industry trends for impactful cinematic experiences.

How to Take Rejection and Criticism Like a Pro: Test screenings, script doctor's and trolls

Master the power of resilience as a filmmaker by embracing rejection and transforming criticism into creative fuel. Uncover the art of leveraging test screenings, script doctors, and valuable feedback to elevate your film to new heights while staying true to your artistic vision.

The Inevitability of Unforeseen Circumstances During Production

Prepare for the inevitable by navigating unforeseen circumstances during film production. Gain insights into crafting contingency plans, understanding insurance coverage, and leveraging pre-production to maintain flexibility and resilience, supported by a network of industry professionals, guilds, and film commissions to overcome challenges.

Coping With the Sense of Isolation and Loneliness

Embrace the undeniable power of connection and support to conquer isolation and loneliness in the filmmaking industry. Unlock personal insights and effective strategies to foster resilience, build virtual communities, and forge strong networks, empowering filmmakers to thrive throughout the production process.

The Secret to getting Authentic Reviews: Genuine Feedback and Impactful Engagement.

Unravel the power of genuine feedback and unleash impactful engagement: the hidden keys to obtaining authentic reviews for your film. From conquering the digital landscape to captivating audiences, learn the proven strategies that drive critical acclaim and ensure your film's success.

Animation and AI: The Future Is Here

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of animation and AI, where cutting-edge technologies are reshaping creativity and pushing boundaries. Explore the benefits, ethical dilemmas, and the future possibilities of AI in animation, as filmmakers and animators embrace this transformative force to shape the future of storytelling.

How to Get an A-List Actor in Your Film and the Value of B-List Actors

Learn how to attract A-list actors to your film while recognizing the value B-list actors can bring. Discover effective approaches to pitch your project, engage with talent agents, and present a well-defined production plan, as you navigate challenges and make informed decisions on casting, ultimately impacting distribution and sales.

Utilizing NFTs With Your Film

Explore the revolutionary potential of NFTs in the film industry, from ownership and distribution to monetization. Discover how filmmakers can tokenize film elements and unlock new revenue streams while redefining audience engagement.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Host - Carl Rimi
Carl Rimi is  a seasoned stand-up comedian with a remarkable 28-year career, celebrated for his performances in comedy clubs nationwide and on cruise ships across the globe. He's made his mark with appearances on Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, ABC Family, and Netflix.

In 2013, Carl's creative drive led him from the stage to the world of independent filmmaking. He ventured into acting, writing, and producing, finding a deep passion for creating captivating stories on the silver screen. With the founding of Drimi Pictures in 2019, he embarked on a mission to produce high-quality, high-concept, low-budget films that resonate with mass audiences. His debut feature film, "iPossessed," a gripping psychological horror thriller, showcases his exceptional talent as both an actor and a filmmaker. Carl Rimi continues to carve a unique path in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences not only with his sense of humor on stage, but also with his dedication to the art of storytelling.
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