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Summits & Masterclasses
Summits & Masterclasses
Summits & Masterclasses
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In order to remain relevant, it’s not enough to just be “in the know,” you must be able to access the top minds in the world from anywhere on the planet, 24/7!  Freedom that follows you!
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Stop wasting time learning from unproven resources. Open the door on a universe of knowledge from experts who are the influential game changers of their industry!

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Our cloud based educational platform lets you login in from anywhere, on your way to work, school, or in transit, on any device and continue learning where you left off without ever missing a beat again!

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Presentations are available in both video and audio for easy access.
Presentations last from 30-60 minutes and are accompanied by our professional notes.
Survival Summit
Nourishing Hope Summit
Women's Balance Summit
Inspired Mom Summit
Mom Conference
What makes 360SUMMITS different?
Our system for creating online events resembles college level courses delivered by leading experts from around the world. We hand-craft each event to provide a uniquely complete educational experience on the topic being discussed.

Just the NOTES Please!

Most people do not speak the same way they write, which often leaves transcripts incomplete and incoherent. Our team of professional note takers combs through each presentation highlighting the meat and potatoes of what you need to know, making it fast, easy, and hassle free.

Grab Your Gifts & Bonuses!

Each event includes valuable gifts and bonuses presented by event speakers that are designed to help you accelerate the learning experience, thus ensuring you get the most out of every presentation!

Amazing Presentations From Our World-Class Experts
How Gluten May Be Harming Your Brain, Body and Autoimmunity (Even if You’re Gluten-Free).  - From the Nourishing Hope Summit
Tom O'Bryan
Breakthroughs and Real Solutions for Solving the Picky Eating Conundrum - From the Nourishing Hope Summit
Julie Matthews, CNC & CNE
The History of Gold, Silver, Currency and Money - From the Gold Summit
G. Edward Griffin
Bitcoin and Crypto Currency - From the Gold Summit
Max Wright
Can Mom-preneurs Live a "Balanced" Life? (And WTH Is It, Anyway?) - From the Women's Balance Summit
Robyn Openshaw
Letting Go of Perfect to Create Synergy - From the Women's Balance Summit
Dr. Jolene Brighten
How to Turn Clients into Raving Fans. Learn to focus on the problems you are most equipped to solve. - From the Health Coach Success Summit
Danny Iny
Protecting Your Business: Business Structure, Legal protection, Insurance & More. - From the Health Coach Success Summit
Lisa Fraley
Plus Hundreds More!
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Become a 360 Summit/Masterclass Host Partner and instantly join the curators of the future. We work directly with host partners to create amazing online events engineered to build their tribe.
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Step into Success! Build your brand, your tribe, and your email list by becoming the beacon of direction your raving fans and loyal followers flock to when there’s new information to share!


We’ve got your back! Our success is dependent on your success; we only make money when you do. As our host partner, we split profits 50/50 after your successful launch!


Get ahead of the game! Summits & Masterclasses represent the single greatest shift in education throughout human history! This is the learning wave of the future!

Host partners are responsible for working with our copywriting staff to organize the content, as well as conducting and recording each interview with the speakers for the event.

We want our partners to be as "obsessed" with the quality of the summit content as we are!

The 360Summits proprietary summit build process only takes 1-2 hours a day and is designed for efficiency to launch your summit, from start to finish, in under 12 weeks! 

We do all the heavy lifting for you! Our team GEEKS OUT on all the tech stuff you’d rather not deal with, like web design, graphics, funnels, upsells, email opt-ins, payment processing, as well as JV & Affiliate management to keep this well-oiled machine running smoothly. 

Because of this, our summits convert 3x-4x higher from free registered attendee to paid VIP Pass holder. 

Meet Our Summit Production Team
George Shepherd
The Mastermind behind 360 Summits, George prides himself on being in the online marketing space since early 2000. George focuses on creating ultra-efficient automated systems capable of building the ultimate online learning experience. “We are rapidly approaching a time where online education will replace traditional methods of institutional learning and post-secondary college programs,” says the education industry’s leading disruptor.
Renee Charbonneau
Every summit launch can have a massive impact on the world when the project and systems come together cohesively.  Launching a new product, summit or brand doesn't have to be stressful, frustrating or time-consuming.  When you have proven systems and processes in place, your summit, masterclass or membership launch can be planned and executed with confidence.  We're here to help make your vision a reality!
Subir Das
Subir is the Lead Developer & Website Designer responsible for keeping our pages, funnels, and systems in pristine working order, thus ensuring memberships remain active. With the ever-evolving landscape of design, it is imperative that a strong team dynamic exists in order to stay on the cutting edge of internet and marketing technology. Our websites and communities are built to convert!
Kaushik Patra
Branding begins with the emotion behind the mission…and it is so much more than a vibrant color scheme. Great advertising and marketing converts because it is functional, elegant, and delivers a powerful message. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” holds truer than ever in today’s attention deficit driven economy; you have mere seconds to convey your message and build trust with your audience. Being at the top of your industry is not just a goal; it’s a necessity!