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Featured Topics Include...

MOLD 101: What Is It And The Problems It Poses

Gain an eye-opening understanding of mold's impact on our health and living spaces, and the world in general. Learn why it’s the ultimate “frenemy” — highly beneficial in many ways (vaccines, antibiotics, wine, cheese, etc.) but potentially toxic and life-altering when allowed to thrive indoors. Our experts will explore the sources of indoor mold, the common short- and long-term health risks associated with exposure, overlooked signs and symptoms, and of course actionable tips on prevention, detection and remediation.

Mold, Kids And Pregnancy - Protect Your Nest

Learn about mold's outsized effect on babies and children, and how exposure can impact pregnancy. Parents and parents-to-be will receive expert advice for minimizing their own exposure and for maximizing the air quality of their homes, particularly the areas where young children spend much of their time. Parents will understand how mold growth in schools can limit their children’s learning capacity, and the most effective methods for addressing concerns with educators, administrators and municipalities.

HVAC Systems And Mold

Experts address the impact of HVAC systems on mold. How they can facilitate the spread throughout your home, why regular maintenance is essential to maintaining healthy air, and the importance of proper filtration and ventilation as it relates to these systems.

Locating Qualified Trustworthy Inspectors & Remediators

There is a tremendous amount of confusion and disinformation when it comes to hiring mold inspectors and remediators. Our experts will provide questions to ask and criteria that should be met when seeking professional help. We’ll look into the industry standards, and explain why someone’s experience and philosophy are oftentimes just as important as their certifications. And you’ll learn why it’s illegal in many states for an inspector or inspection company to also handle remediation.

What You Need To Know About Mold Remediation

Learn what to expect when undergoing mold remediation, and get valuable insights on overcoming common challenges such as finding temporary accommodations and making sure the work is done in a timely fashion. Each step of the process will be touched upon, including setting up a payment schedule to ensure the work has been independently verified before final payment is made.

Mold & Pets

The physiological relationship between mold and pet health is still emerging, but there are many things that we know for sure. Our experts will address differences in susceptibility among animals and breeds, and what signs and symptoms to look for when determining impact. You’ll learn preventative measures and day-to-day best practices for keeping pets safe from indoor mold.

Getting Your Insurance To Pay For Mold Remediation

Dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating hassle, and that’s especially true when it comes to mold remediation. Receive expert guidance for navigating the rocky terrain of insurance policies and protocols, including steps to initiate claims, the gathering and presentation of crucial evidence and documentation, even negotiation strategies.

Detecting Hidden Mold Growth

Just because mold isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s not there. What’s more, the mold we don’t see is often the most destructive because it’s able to grow unchecked. Discover lesser-known indicators of hidden indoor mold, common high-risk areas, and what technologies are most effective at detection. Also learn why our senses are a great first line of defense and hear success stories where early detection prevented extensive structural damage and health issues.

The Mystery Of The Musty Smell

Nostalgic for that musty childhood basement? Don’t be. Emerging research is unlocking the mysteries of that pungent odor and why the chemicals it contains (known as mVOCs, or microbial volatile organic compounds) are often a direct cause of illness. Renowned fungal geneticist Joan Bennett will share her own harrowing tale of mold growth following Hurricane Katrina and how it changed the course of her career. She’ll delve into the methodology and results of her ground-breaking animal studies, fun detection techniques (dogs!), new technology, and how chronic exposure to mVOCs can be the trigger for other sensitivities.

Understanding Mycotoxins

Join our experts as they provide clarity on mycotoxin-producing molds and help separate science from sensationalism. You’ll learn which foods are most susceptible to mycotoxins growth, the symptoms associated with exposure, and why farming techniques and storage are significant determining factors. Is it an allergy to the food itself or the mycotoxin it carries? This is ground zero for the food, allergy, autoimmune and cancer problems impacting our society.

Renters’ Playbook: Tips And Strategies

Renting with mold? Get actionable tips and strategies for dealing with landlords and property managers, and for asserting your rights as a renter. Our experts will cover proper communication and the importance of documentation, and they’ll highlight real-life instances when renter self-advocacy produced positive, healthy results.

Landlord Playbook: How NOT To Get Sued

As a landlord, there’s nothing better than a happy, healthy (and quiet) renter. But a mold problem can quickly make that scenario impossible, and may result in significant legal costs. Understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlord, and the potential consequences of not taking action to prevent or fix a mold problem. Learn how small investments in prevention and proactive measures can have big payoffs, where to look for the latest regulations, and how something as simple as effective communication can help keep you out of court and in your tenants’ good graces.

Fix Your Mold Problem Once And For All And Keep It From Coming Back

Tackling recurring mold fears in humid climates, affordable prevention practices, achieving permanent solutions, avoiding common mistakes, taking comprehensive steps to address root causes, real-life success stories, science-based solutions, and the significance of consistent maintenance in preventing mold's return after remediation for long-term peace of mind.

Mastering Moisture: How To Control Humidity In Your Home

A wildly undervalued aspect of quality indoor air is proper humidity. Too much moisture in your air can set the stage for mold, dust mites and a litany of uninvited critters, not to mention structural damage. But low levels can wreak havoc, too, potentially causing significant sinus and respiratory issues, as well as general discomfort. Our experts will explain strategies for monitoring and controlling moisture levels, give product recommendations (e.g., humidifiers and dehumidifiers) to suit any budget, and provide the know-how for maintaining a balance of humidity control and energy efficiency.

Mold And Mental Health: Cognition, Anxiety & Depression

Discover the intricate connection between mold exposure and mental well-being. Learn how mold and other indoor pollutants can impair cognitive function and lead to anxiety, clinical depression, and memory loss.

Mold And Health: What You NEED To Know Now

Walk away with an expansive understanding of how mold affects us, including the range of symptoms, diseases, and long-term effects of mold exposure. Find out why mold-related illness is so often  misdiagnosed by health care professionals, and why some groups are more vulnerable than others.

The DIY Roadmap & Toolbox

Depending on the severity of an indoor mold issue, a DIY remediation program may be all that’s required to fix the problem. Our experts will go through the kinds of scenarios when a problem can be fixed on your own, and when a professional is necessary. They’ll highlight common DIY pitfalls and empower you to address certain moldy areas safely and with confidence, including how to prevent cross-contamination and the benefits of personal protective equipment.

VOCS: The Real Hidden Danger In Modern Buildings

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are hazardous gasses emitted from a wide variety of household products and building materials, and their high indoor concentrations (some estimates put it at 100x times higher than outdoors) constitute a serious risk for humans and animals. Our experts will outline practical steps to reduce VOC exposure in your living spaces, including product recommendations and strategies for identification, removal and ventilation.

Common Causes Of Mold: The Way Buildings Fail

Over the last few decades, a concerted effort has been made to increase energy efficiency in our home and work spaces. While this has produced many positive benefits, one unintended outcome has been diminished ventilation, making the exchange of indoor and outdoor air less abundant and thereby contributing to poor indoor air quality. Combined with the fact that modern building materials are essentially the perfect setting for mold, and it’s no wonder our indoor spaces have become less inhabitable. Discover effective ways to mitigate these problems, what materials should be used during renovations, and advancements in construction that make buildings safer for its inhabitants while maintaining environmental and efficiency standards.

Air Purifiers: Everything You Need To Know 

For good reason, air purifiers are now commonplace in many of our homes and workplaces. But the key to their effectiveness is making sure you have the right one. Many of the most popular brands wildly underperform and some can even make air quality worse! Our experts will guide you through the various types of air purifiers on the market, their differing technologies, and how they can best be used with other measures to maximize effectiveness.

Detoxing: When, Why & How?

Uncover the connection between environmental factors, mold exposure, and the body's detoxification needs. Learn about recognizing signs, benefits, methods, and personalized approaches to detoxing for improved well-being. And we’ll explore ways to support your body's natural defenses against mold-related toxins and pollutants.

Lyme Disease + Mold 

Explore the relationship between Lyme disease and mold exposure, delving into shared symptoms, challenges in diagnosis, and effective strategies for managing health concerns associated with both conditions. Our experts will discuss integrated treatment approaches, lifestyle modifications, and the latest research.

Never Home Alone: The Critters We Live With And Why We Need Them 

Dive into the world of beneficial microorganisms and their role in cultivating a healthier indoor environment. Learn how these tiny allies interact with indoor pollutants — including molds — to foster balanced spaces, and gain practical insights into nurturing a symbiotic relationship with your surroundings for improved well-being and mold prevention.

Entangled Life: Our Relationship With Kingdom Fungi

Embark on a fascinating journey to uncover the intricate relationship between humans and fungi. Explore the diverse roles these organisms play in ecosystems, our well-being, and even innovation across industries. Gain a fresh perspective on mold prevention and management by understanding how fungi impact our daily lives and the world around us.

Unveiling Hidden Health Threats: Understanding Mold-Related Risks

Uncover the hidden dangers of seemingly harmless mold issues in homes and their potential impact on health. Delve into the lesser-known symptoms, long-term consequences, and vulnerable groups affected by mold exposure, while uncovering real cases that highlight the importance of informed decision-making for a healthier living environment.

Breaking Free From Mold Anxiety: Steps To Reclaim Peace Of Mind

Navigate a journey from constant mold-related worry to a state of tranquility and confidence. Gain insights into the mental toll of mold anxiety, proactive steps to regain control, and success stories that illustrate how education, empowerment, and self-care can transform your emotional relationship with mold concerns.

Conquering Indoor Allergies: Escaping The Clutches Of Mold

Learn how indoor allergies are caused by mold and impact daily life and overall well-being. Gain valuable insights into allergic reactions, proactive measures for minimizing mold-related allergens, and examples of how understanding this connection can lead to improved respiratory health and overall quality of life.

Defending Your Space: Proactive Strategies To Combat Mold Invasion

Discover practical strategies and insights to proactively defend your living space against mold invasion. Learn about vulnerability points, first steps, routine maintenance, moisture management, and innovative technologies to fortify your home, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind.

Unseen Dangers: Exploring Health Risks From Neglected Mold

Unlock the hidden health risks of neglected mold in indoor environments and learn how to safeguard your well-being. Gain insights into less obvious symptoms, the dangers of hidden growth, and the vital role of regular inspections and preventive measures in preventing health issues associated with mold neglect.

Peering Beyond The Surface: Revealing Hidden Mold Threats

Explore the impact of hidden mold threats on health and well-being, gaining insights into their challenges and how to uncover and address them. Discover common signs, the role of professional inspections, and the peace of mind that comes from mitigating hidden mold risks for a healthier living environment.

Fortifying Your Sanctuary: Safeguarding Against Unwanted Mold Intrusion

Learn how to safeguard your home against mold intrusion for a safe and healthy living environment. Explore practical strategies, weather-related influences, and the role of maintenance in preventing mold, ensuring peace of mind and protecting your sanctuary.

Fresh Air Oasis: Crafting An Indoor Environment Of Continual Purity

Cultivate a home environment that offers a continuous supply of fresh and pure air for enhanced well-being. Explore the components of an indoor oasis, including natural elements, air circulation, and advanced purification technologies, and understand their role in maintaining air quality, minimizing mold risks, and ensuring a comfortable living space.

Breaking The Mold's Hold: Strategies For Reclaiming Your Living Space

Receive a step-by-step blueprint on how to regain control over your living spaces and liberate yourself from the grip of persistent mold concerns. Explore practical steps, strategic approaches, and the emotional benefits of addressing existing mold problems, preventing recurrence, and creating a healthier, worry-free living environment.

Embracing Serenity Amid Mold Worries: Finding Balance

Confidently navigate the challenges of mold worries while cultivating inner calm and balance. Explore strategies, mindfulness techniques, and the role of support in maintaining a positive living environment, despite ongoing mold concerns, for a more fulfilling and worry-free life.

Prioritizing Family Wellness: Navigating Mold In Prone Areas

Learn how families can proactively ensure their loved ones' wellness in mold-prone areas. Discover insights on challenges, prevention plans, communication, and education, as well as the role of monitoring and early intervention in maintaining family health and well-being.

Custom Solutions For Mold Worries: Unveiling Available Resources

Listen in on how individuals can access tailored solutions to address their specific mold-related concerns and worries. Gain insights into the variety of available resources, the role of professional experts and services, and the benefits of utilizing online platforms, support groups, and educational materials to create personalized strategies for managing mold-related concerns.

Living Mold-Free: Exploring The Quest For Worry-Free Living

Embark on a journey towards achieving a mold-free living environment and experience the benefits of worry-free living. Gain insights into strategies, practices, and examples of individuals and families who have successfully achieved a healthier and more comfortable daily life by addressing mold concerns, along with the role of maintenance and preventive measures in sustaining a mold-free living space.
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Meet Your Summit Host - Jason Earle
Jason Earle is a devoted father and a highly respected name in the world of indoor air quality. As founder and CEO of GOT MOLD?, he combines business acumen with a goal of creating healthier living spaces for millions.

Jason's own experience with severe allergies and asthma can be traced back to mold in his childhood home. Following the tragic death of his mother, a battle with Lyme disease, and a remarkable stint on Wall Street (he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest licensed stockbroker in history), Jason shifted all his professional energies toward understanding the environmental causes of his childhood struggles and championing healthier homes. Before creating the GOT MOLD? Test Kit, Jason owned and operated a mold inspection company for nearly two decades,  He’s personally conducted innumerable investigations into sick buildings, helping thousands of people unravel and overcome their medical mysteries and promoting a world in which healthy indoor air is the rule, not the exception.

Jason has been featured in or appeared on Good Morning America, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Entrepreneur, Wired, and many more. He’s a regular on the podcasting circuit and has been a prominent speaker at some of the most well-regarded conferences and events.

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