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Precious Metals and Preparedness
These days, there are many researchers, prognosticators, columnists, etc., that are expecting every manner of societal breakdown. Hear an expert, George Sheperd, founder, Survivalist Magazine describe what role precious metals have practically and predictably now and in the future for your health, wealth, livelihood, and even survival. Sound thinking and commentary on a vast array of topics related are given.
How to Hide Precious Metals in Plain Sight
Regardless of how you acquired it physically, Stan Grist analyzes common sense, clever and unique locations outside and inside a home or property that one might stash/protect one’s holdings that are unconventional, cheap, mostly one time efforts a person can evaluate in using or formulating for their own location(s) to insert items worth protecting.
How to Choose The Right Metals to invest in
Get the information you should have to properly invest in precious metals. Find out all the ‘w’s’ and “h’s’ (why, what, when where, how and who). Overcome the biggest mistakes most others miss in their decision making. Learn how to evaluate price and product, how and where to acquire and liquidate, and gain an understanding to develop a “method to the madness” in being an investor, owner or holder. Stefan Gleason is a knowledgeable trustworthy source!
The Truth Behind Metals Investing: Gold Vs Commodities. What THEY Don’t want you to know.
Step along with Jim Puplava www,financialsense,com for a look at several of the tidbits the market manipulators and powers that be DON’T want you to know. Is there a difference between owning or holding v. investing? Why should a prospective investor consider precious metals v. other commodities or stocks? Can an investor actually ‘take delivery’ on a futures contract for precious metals or even currencies? Mr. Puplava explains that precious metals don’t “earn interest” and why a prospective investor would own or hold the same as an investment! These issues and more covered.
Government Confiscation, Taxation, and Travel
Franklin Sanders joins us to touch on various factors that affect government confiscation, taxation and traveling with precious metals. He tells us if there is any differences in using precious metals vs. fiat currency in transactions and the value of preserving purchase power. Stay on the right side of the law in your endeavors and pursuits. Avoid hassles and complications to traveling with real money and figure out legal ramifications to living freely.
Understanding Risks/Rewards of Mining Stocks
Mining stocks can become a real measure of wealth and speculation in relation to trading and the highly manipulated stock numbers Wall St. is throwing out these days. Hear Ken Gerbino explain what items to understand and look toward in a mining stocks like differences between a resource and a reserve, the size of a deposit and grade of the same, economics of scale and tonnage, geographic and political regions and trade-offs and more!
When to Buy and Sell for Maximum Profit
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Numismatic Coins: Fact vs Fiction
What is the definition of numismatic? Are bullion bars or coins better? Do you even need numismatics? This is a highly controversial subject, even in the precious metals industry! Is it more a collector market or a commodity market? Gold or silver or? Join an expert, David Morgan for a highly important discussion.
Fakes & Frauds: How to Identify and Avoid Them
Josh Phair (Scottsdale Silver) discloses new technology certain to make a positive impact in the precious metals industry that the average investor (and others) can look to as a new (and additional) tool to fight off/fend off the rash of fakes and frauds that seemingly become more and more sophisticated and invasive.
How to Read the Charts Right (Spot Vs Reality)(Historical Trends)
Jim Wyckoff, a technical expert and guru in the industry, who works with one of the largest well known precious metals and commodity service agencies: Kitco, joins the summit to layout many tips, tricks, tools and indicators a prospective investor can use and learn from, even make wise decisions toward executing/conducting commodity trading.
Bitcoin and Crypto Currency
Max Wright working with Success Council tells us many intricacies and nuances of digital currency many of us may never have considered or thought through. This fascinating interview is fast-paced and filled with useful considerations, ideas, facts, and fundamental understandings everyone should have and know in relation to the alternative to the corrupt source of currency, national governments only.
The History of Gold, Silver, Currency and Money
Take a tour of the history of precious metals, how they were used as money, how they defined a reliable standard, how the absence of/non-use has caused issues in modern society, and where and what the future might hold in digital currency. Let renowned G. Edward Griffin be your noteworthy and enlightening guide!
How to Create a Local or Regional Barter Economy
Have you considered how bartering networks have developed and advanced even absent a full scale barter economy? There is a lot more to it than meets the eye even now! Get some clarity to what constitutes a recognized medium of exchange, fair market value establishment, retail v. business-to-business, trade-offs in joining an established network and/or starting your own, even a discussion of a B-corp from Anette Riggs, President IRTA, and so much more!
Estate Sales: How to Locate and Profit
Estate sales are yet another way one might effectively treasure hunt and profit from if one knows how to do it effectively and prudently. Learn what the most important tips are for the prospector to be able to find, attend, choose tags, and locate “treasure” items and as a subsequent seller, how to develop a methodology, choose how to sell in different places, including online and through live events. See what people skills you need to master to be more effective! Join Rachel Fitch, owner of Fitch Estate Sales to find these answers and more!
Reclaiming Precious Metals from Everyday Items
This fascinating interview with Eric Goldsmith (escapinc.com) discusses the potential you might have in turning over your old electronic items to a scrapper instead of a garbage bin. Mr. Goldsmith also reveals how much more there is to know/learn about being a successful scrapper and developing a multitude of business relationships, what to look for and how far to take one’s efforts!
We Buy Gold! What You Should Know Before You Sell
Mitch Michaels shares the necessary information you need to have and contemplate before you consider selling your unwanted, old or broken precious metals items. Weight, markings, and particularly purity are factors that affect the value of old items that you need to understand. Learn also how this can be a “golden“ opportunity for you/the right person as a potential occupation!
Storing & Concealing: Reporting & Regulations, What you need to know to protect your portfolio
The focus of this interview is storing and concealing to effectively protect your portfolio. Knowing or at least “charting” the landscape is certainly a facet of doing this. Being aware of case law, rules, regulations and how to navigate the legal maze is just one avenue that must be driven carefully. Prudence is the better part of valor it is said. Learn why and how to avoid pitfalls!
Getting Gold Without Paying for it
The Adventure Trading guru, Stan Grist shares with us a multitude of methods the right (read; adventurous type) person can pursue to accumulate an average of a quarter ounce of gold a day! He tells you where to look, what sort of items (maps, surveys, etc.) to familiarize oneself with, tools, even geographic/geologic features of possible land to investigate. Another possible occupation?
Spiritual and Moral Considerations
If you’ve ever felt like something isn’t quite right in being forced to use a currency that can be created/manipulated from thin air, you’re not alone! Pastor Jason Young discusses several important aspects of divine law, scriptural evidence, and fundamental truths about just weights and measures and scales that you should have and take comfort in knowing. Living an upright, righteous, spirit-filled life is important to your well-being whether you presently know and believe in Christianity or not!
How Precious Metals are Used in Industry & Why They are Valuable
Dan Nance, Program Manager with Swiss Metals discusses how you can intelligently invest in, own and hold, and or buy and sell strategic metals which include precious metals. Why are strateguc metals considered strategic? How are these metals used in industry and why are they valuable? Where does a prospective investor have confidence he has the information needed to make informed decisions regarding strategic metals? How do political and economic information affect your decision making? Let Dan guide you!
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Meet Your Summit Host - PETE FETTIG
Pete is a self-taught precious metals enthusiast. He learned the craft through attention to the markets and developments in the industry. He has worked professionally as a research scientist, development engineer, test engineer, and in product marketing and even attempting to start high tech companies with past colleagues.

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