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Featured Topics Include...

How To Stop Chasing Money And Get Agents Chasing You

Discover the secret to reversing the roles in your career. Attract top agents instead of tirelessly pursuing them. Learn how to enhance your personal brand and stage presence to become an irresistible asset that agents can't ignore.

Get Top Dollar For Your Gigs Without Being A Star

Unlock the strategies to command higher fees for your gigs, regardless of your current fame level. This session will equip you with practical tips to negotiate better pay and showcase your value, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Social Media Secrets To Build Your Audience And Reputation

Explore the transformative strategies to leverage social media platforms for building a robust audience and solidifying your reputation as a speaker. Dive into the secrets of engaging content creation, online networking, and digital brand management that can skyrocket your professional visibility.

Create Revenue Beyond Just Comedy Clubs

Unveil the myriad of opportunities available for comedians to generate income outside the conventional comedy club circuit. This exploration will guide you through various avenues like digital content creation, corporate gigs, and leveraging your comedic talent in innovative ways to create a sustainable and diversified revenue model.

The Secret To Work Less While Earning More (In Comedy)

Discover the art of balancing humor and business. Uncover strategies to increase your income as a comedian without compromising the joy and authenticity of your craft. Learn from industry experts about effective time management, monetizing your comedic talent, and identifying lucrative opportunities in the world of comedy.

Don't Go BROKE - Retirement Made Easy

Navigate the often-overlooked aspect of financial planning in a comedian's life. Delve into practical methods to ensure a secure future. You'll explore innovative ways to save, invest, and plan for retirement, tailored specifically for the unique financial landscape of comedy professionals.

The Paint By Numbers Formula For Rock Solid Agreements

This is your guide to developing foolproof agreements in the entertainment industry. Dive into the essentials of contract creation, from key clauses to negotiation tactics, ensuring your agreements are both fair and ironclad.

Alternative Revenue Sources (Other Than Speaking)

Learn about the myriad of ways comedians and speakers can generate revenue outside traditional speaking engagements. This session explores innovative income streams from digital content creation to product merchandising, providing practical tips to expand your financial horizons while staying true to your comedic or speaking brand.

Getting Famous Leveraging The Power Of Social Media

This session reveals key strategies for building a robust online presence, engaging with audiences, and converting followers into loyal fans. You'll learn how to effectively use platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Corporate Speaking Gigs That Create Predictable Income

Dive into the world of corporate speaking, where you'll learn how to secure and excel in high-paying corporate engagements. This session focuses on identifying opportunities in the corporate sector, tailoring your comedic or speaking style to a corporate audience, and building long-term, lucrative relationships with corporate clients.

Charging Big Bucks For Keynotes Without Feeling Like A Fraud

Explore the art of confidently pricing your keynote speeches, breaking through the mental barriers that hold you back from charging premium rates. Learn strategies to recognize and articulate the unique value you bring to the table, ensuring you're paid what you truly deserve.

Easy To Land TV Appearances That Can Build Your Credibility

Step into the seemingly elusive world of television appearances and discover practical steps to get noticed by producers and casting directors. Gain insights on crafting your personal story and expertise in a way that aligns with TV formats, boosting your credibility and public profile.

The Laugh Heard Around The World

Dive into the nuances of creating humor that transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with a global audience. Uncover the secrets to adapting your comedic style to connect with diverse groups, ensuring your message and humor make a worldwide impact.

The (COLD HARD) Truth About Booking Agents

Peel back the curtain on the world of booking agents, revealing the unvarnished truths and insider perspectives. Understand the dynamics of working with agents, including the challenges, opportunities, and strategies to foster productive partnerships.

Finding Collaboration Partners To Raise The Tide

Unlock the secrets to identifying and connecting with ideal collaboration partners in the speaking and comedy world. Learn how to align visions, leverage each other's strengths, and create joint ventures that amplify success and audience reach.

Overcome Burnout And Reboot Your Career

Tackle the often-overlooked issue of burnout in the comedic and speaking professions. Learn practical strategies for recognizing burnout symptoms, rejuvenating your passion, and reinvigorating your career path with renewed vigor and clarity.

Start And Launch My Own Comedy Club (For Fun And Profit)

Embark on the journey of launching your own comedy club, blending the joy of humor with entrepreneurial success. Discover the key steps to establishing a thriving venue, from initial planning and branding to creating a standout experience for both performers and audiences.

Virtual Comedy: Get On The Pants-Less Tour

Discover how to captivate an online audience, adapting your comedic talents to digital platforms and maximizing the unique opportunities of virtual performances.

Audio And Video Gear Hacks To Present Like A Rockstar

Uncover the secrets of using audio and video equipment to enhance your comedic and speaking presentations. Learn cost-effective hacks and expert tips to create a professional audio-visual experience, making your performances stand out like a rockstar's.

Grow A Successful Podcast People Want To Listen To

Dive into the world of podcasting, learning how to create a show that not only resonates with audiences but also stands out in a crowded market. Discover strategies for content creation, audience engagement, and building a loyal listener base for your successful podcast.

Stand Out While You Stand Up With A Niche Brand

Learn how to carve out a distinct niche in the comedy world, elevating your stand-up with a brand that's uniquely you. This session reveals the power of niche branding in creating a memorable, standout identity that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Get People To Take You Seriously And Still Be Funny

Unravel the art of being taken seriously in your professional endeavors while maintaining your comedic edge. Learn to strike the perfect balance, leveraging humor to enhance your credibility without undermining your expertise or diminishing your impact.

Take The Stress Out Of Travel And Touring

Embark on a journey of mastering the art of stress-free travel and touring as a comedian or speaker. This session provides insights on organizing tours, handling logistics with ease, and maintaining personal well-being while on the road.

Free Up Your Weekends And Do More Of The Things You Love

We'll share effective strategies for time management and productivity that empower you to free up your weekends, allowing more space for personal passions and leisure. Learn how to optimize your workweek and embrace a lifestyle that balances career success with the joys of life.

Write Comedy Like Larry David Or Jerry Seinfeld

Dive into the comedic writing styles of legends like Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. This session offers a deep dive into their unique approaches to humor, providing insights and techniques to infuse their genius into your own comedic writing.

Building Your List With Marketing Funnels And Lead Magnets

Unveil the secrets of building a robust subscriber list using effective marketing funnels and captivating lead magnets. Learn how to design a funnel that not only attracts your target audience but also nurtures and converts them into loyal followers.

How To Say Offensive Things Without Being Offensive (Or Cancelled)

Master the delicate art of addressing controversial or potentially offensive topics in your comedy or speeches without crossing the line. This session provides strategies for crafting content that is bold and provocative yet respectful and thoughtful, reducing the risk of backlash or cancellation.

Don't Give Up: You're Only 3 Feet From Gold!

Unearth the power of perseverance in your journey as a comedian or speaker, inspired by the adage of being 'three feet from gold.' This session emphasizes the importance of resilience and determination in the face of challenges, encouraging you to stay the course towards achieving your dreams

Leading With Corporate Training (And Still Be Funny)

Discover the art of infusing humor into corporate training sessions to enhance engagement and effectiveness. This session will guide you through the process of designing and delivering corporate training that is both informative and entertaining, striking the right balance to captivate a professional audience.

7 Figure Secrets: The Millionaire Comedian

Unlock the secrets to achieving financial success in the world of comedy, reaching the coveted millionaire status. This session will reveal strategies for monetizing your comedic talent, diversifying income streams, and smart financial planning to build and sustain wealth in the entertainment industry.

The Long Game: Compounding Success Through Speaking & Comedy

Delve into the strategy of building a sustainable and compounding career in speaking and comedy. Learn how to leverage each success as a stepping stone to greater opportunities, ensuring long-term growth and an ever-expanding impact in your professional journey.

Tips For Using Improv Techniques To Teach Business Skills

Explore the dynamic world of using improvisational comedy techniques to teach essential business skills. This session will demonstrate how the principles of improv can enhance communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving in a business environment.
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Meet Your Summit Host - David Mammano
During the past 25 years, David Mammano has started several businesses from scratch and now he uses those experiences to help companies optimize their workplace.

David’s experiences in television, radio, podcasting, magazine/book publishing, professional speaking, events and business groups, has been instrumental in his business journey. He is currently the host of The Optimized Show, an online TV show helping business leaders create optimized workplace environments.

His successes have included being a three-time Inc. Magazine 5000 Growth Company winner, a Rochester Top 100 Company, a two-time TEDx speaker, Founder of his local EO Chapter, and an adjunct professor at the University of Rochester.

David is a graduate of the University at Buffalo and of the MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s Program, an executive education program offered through the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

His most recent book “Crash and Learn: Lessons in Business” quickly rose to the top of the Amazon best seller lists. Other books include “Make Love in the Workplace” and “101 Things You Can Do to Become an Outstanding Young Adult.”
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Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
Put Your Product, Service Or Brand In Front Of Engaged And Motivated New Customers Now!
The highly anticipated virtual Comedy Virtual Summit kicks off September 12th, 2024 with the goal of bringing the world’s best speakers, comedians and improv specialists together for a blockbuster virtual event.

Our featured experts will dive into what’s hot and happening now in the realms of comedy, motivational speaking, personal branding, audience engagement and beyond!
If you're not appearing, you're disappearing!
FIVE convenient sponsorship options designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
A cost-effective option for brands looking to gain visibility and connect within the Comedy Virtual Summit community.  
50% Commissions: Earn substantial returns with a generous 50% commission on referred sales.
Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth: Engage attendees with a 3-10 minute video presentation, offering a digital touchpoint for potential clients.
For brands aiming for amplified visibility and deeper engagement with the Comedy Virtual Summit audience.  
Everything in the Bronze package
Brand Visibility: Feature your logo prominently on the Registration, VIP Offer, and Daily Pages, increasing brand recall among attendees.
Sponsored Email Placement: Cement your brand's presence with a spot in the post-event newsletter, reaching 50k+ attendees directly in their inboxes.
premium choice for brands seeking presence and maximized interaction with the Comedy Virtual Summit community.  
Everything in the Bronze and Silver
VIP Members Area Bonus: Gain an edge by offering a bonus in the highly-visited VIP Members Area (Perfect for lead generation).
Dedicated Email Reach: Stand out with 1 dedicated email to the full Summit list post-event, ensuring direct and personalized engagement with attendees.
Everything in the Bronze, Silver & Gold
Exclusive "Sponsored" Session: Own a dedicated presentation slot during the Summit, ensuring focused attention from the audience.
Post-Event Online Masterclass/Webinar: Further engage attendees by offering valuable insights through an online masterclass or webinar after the summit. (+ 2 extra emails to the list!)
Direct Email Engagement: Send 2 personalized emails to the entire Summit list post-event, strengthening brand recall and engagement.

If you want your branding to be at the CENTER of the event then this is the sponsorship for you! Perfect for sponsors aiming for unparalleled visibility and impact.
Everything in Platinum
Double the Insight: Offer two valuable post-event online masterclasses/webinars, further reinforcing your brand's expertise and authority.
Branded Video Sign-Off: Gain lasting impressions with a "Sponsored By" placement at the end of summit videos.
Exclusive Live Engagement: Host a "Sponsored" Live Zoom "Happy Hour" session for 90 minutes, allowing for real-time interaction and deeper connections with the audience.  
Breakdown of Sponsorship Benefits
Effective and convenient sponsorship benefits designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
Virtual Exhibit Hall
Your company is no longer limited to a geographic area to showcase your products and services. Our Virtual Exhibit Hall gives sponsors the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience of market leaders and innovators 24/7 without the need for travel, hotel stays and limited foot traffic. Each exhibitor/sponsor gets the opportunity to create a 3-10 minute video demonstration that would emulate the experience at a real live expo event. You can educate, share and sell your company’s products without expensive booths, staffing, and time away from work!
Brand Logo Display
Brand recognition is a key component to executing a proper marketing plan. Silver and above sponsors will receive key visibility on all trafficked summit pages. Attendees will build trust as your brand is associated with the incredibly valuable strategies and solutions shared throughout the event. Having your brand alongside the names and pictures of industry leaders will help secure your place as a relevant and future forward company who is leading the way.
Sponsored Email
After the event promotion window has ended, we will be sending all registered attendees a special newsletter that showcases our sponsors brand, products and services. Contact info including website URL and other key data points will be included in order to facilitate easy communication and sales conversations where applicable. 
VIP Bonus
Gold and above sponsors will have the opportunity to include a special bonus in our VIP Pass members area. This bonus can also be an opt-in gift to collect contact name and email address from the attendee in order to receive the bonus. Great bonuses can include, but are not limited to: special reports, ebooks, software, templates, calculators, SOPs, courses, demo products, strategy calls, checklists, cheatsheets, discounts, free+shipping offers and more!
50% Commissions
How often do you get the opportunity to earn your sponsorship investment back? All sponsors are given a unique link (tracked) to share with others who would also like to attend the events. We give a generous 50% commission to each sponsor for their referred attendees who upgrade to our VIP Pass option. On average, 10% of your referrals will upgrade and you’ll earn 50% of their VIP Pass upgrade - which adds up fast!
Dedicated Email
Forget overpriced “SWAG '' bags, brochures and trinkets that never get looked at… stop throwing your marketing dollars always on promo product gimmicks that simply don’t work. Gold and above sponsors will receive 1, 2 or 3 dedicated email sends to our ENTIRE summit registration list post event. This is the perfect time to connect with the attendees and make an offer to them without the distractions of any other sponsor. Send them a link to your website, product listings, demo pages, sales call sign up page and more!
Sponsored Presentation
Platinum and Titanium sponsors will have the opportunity to be interviewed as a presenter in the summit. This coveted placement will add thought leadership and create a sense of reciprocity in the mind of the attendees. We don’t allow those we interview to pitch or sell in the interview, however, sponsors can make a soft offer that delivers value in this special sponsored presentation.
Online Webinar
We will be hosting a series of masterclasses and webinars following the summit event to educate, showcase and sell the products and services of our sponsors. Imagine having the full attention of the masterclass audience where you can take them on a deep dive of your latest endeavor or innovation while creating sales and buzz in the process.
Sponsored Happy Hour
Reserved for our Titanium sponsors only, we will be hosting a series of live “Happy Hour” sessions each day of the three day event. This unique live interaction and networking opportunity is our way of emulating the after hours bar experience where many of the biggest deals get done at live events. Our sponsor(s) each day will be given the floor to share innovations, ideas and connect with attendees in an interactive experience.
"Sponsored By" Placement
Titanium sponsored brands will be displayed at the end of each video session giving the maximum amount of exposure before, during and after the summit. Your brand will be visible to all attendees from the first play and every replay of the summit sessions. It’s like being a name sponsor for the event.
Interested in becoming a sponsor at one of our events?
Contact Our Sponsorship Team
Edward Losloso - 561-244-8767

Want To Speak On The Summit?
Get in front of the right audience so you can build your list and sell your programs.
Speaker Benefits:
We're anticipating over 10,000 attendees! That's equivalent to speaking in front of a packed arena of your ideal customers.
Earn $1 - $3 per free registration* that you send to the summit from your email list.
Don't have a list or can't promote...? No problem! Become a speaker/sponsor and get a dedicated email send to the entire summit list, post-event.
Include a bonus in our VIP package and reach our buyer's list long after the summit is over. 
* Earn $1 - $3 per lead through our tiered Per Lead Payout Program
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